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Welcome to OleaBriq

Who We Are

VAS. & EK. KottaridI GP with the distinctive title "OleaBriq" is a family company located in Kalamata since 1968. Our Company is involved both with the representation and trading of barbeque briquettes as well as the production of lime pulp and agricultural lime. Founder of the company and initiator of the idea of olive barbecue briquettes was Mr. Klimis Klimentidis (1912-1999), a refugee in Messinia from Izmit Istanbul and now his successors continue to this day his successful work.

OleaBriq was grounded on the knowledge, the experience and the longing of its founder with the goal to provide the European market with products of exceptional quality. It has been developed with the support of the producers, clients and the collective work of its employees. The philosophy and morals of our company are reliability, quality of products and services, customer satisfaction, price and quality competiveness, value for money.

    • What is eco in OleaBriq?

We make value from waste and provide to the bbq market a unique product, 100% natural, with high quality specifications.

      • What is innovative in OleaBriq?

We don’t cut and burn trees or use remainings of chopping down trees to make our briquettes. We use olive pits, a solid biomass which is a waste from pomace factories produced during the process of collecting olive oil from Kalamata olive trees.


Our Team T

Katerina KottaridiGeneral Manager
Dimitra KottaridiSales Manager
Klimentia KottaridiE-commerce Manager
Nasos MakiosMarketing Manager
  • Address: 2nd km KALAMATAS-MESSINIS Rd 
  • Phone: (+30) 27210-69454
  • Email: info@oleabriq.com