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OleaBriq realised very soon the lack or the restricted amount of certified, eco-grilling products in the global market. Having this in mind, the export activities are aiming at the presence of our products in more and more countries. As a consequence, OleaBriq's online shop aims to fulfill orders from all the European countries.

Long ago, OleaBriq BBQ briquettes began to rehabilitate their reputation in the global market. In particular the term "OleaBriq BBQ briquettes from the olive pips " identifies with the terms "eco-grilling" and "quality".

Exclusive international sales in Australia and New Zealand are served through our representative Olive Pip Co., while in Canada our sales representative is OliveBriq.

Also, you can find our products on the shelves of renowned chains of supermarkets in Germany, where sales are being represented by OlioBric.

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