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Key OleaBriq features

EU Patented

Eco-innovative product

100% Natural

Produced by olive pips

Waste to Value

Biomass converted to energy

Social and Environmental Responsibility

By choosing Olea Briq, consciencious consumers can advance our cause of protecting and preserving our natural world for generations to come. Our core values are centered around:
  • Protection of the environment
  • Reducing deforestation
  • Recycling and sustainability
  • Reduce our environmental impact

Our core values


Our product is made from recycled olive pit wood and 100% of the water used is recycled.


We turn biomass waste, produced during olive oil extraction, to value.


It is 100 % renewable and free of petro-chemical accelerants.

Circular Economy

We are committed to a framework that supports a Circular Economy.

30% less carbon monoxide

Our briquettes emit 30% less carbon monoxide than traditional wood charcoal.


Process transparency is driven through the European Union's EMAS Organization.

  • Address: 2nd km KALAMATAS-MESSINIS Rd 
  • Phone: (+30) 27210-69454
  • Email: info@oleabriq.com